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Auth Configuration

Auth is only configurable in the Enterprise version of BuildBuddy.


auth: The Auth section enables BuildBuddy authentication using an OpenID Connect provider that you specify. Optional


  • oauth_providers: A list of configured OAuth Providers.
    • issuer_url: The issuer URL of this OIDC Provider.
    • client_id: The oauth client ID.
    • client_secret: The oauth client secret.
  • enable_anonymous_usage: If true, unauthenticated build uploads will still be allowed but won't be associated with your organization.

Redirect URL#

If during your OpenID provider configuration you're asked to enter a Redirect URL, you should enter https://YOUR_BUILDBUDDY_URL/auth/. For example if your BuildBuddy instance was hosted on, you'd enter as your redirect url.

Google auth provider#

If you'd like to use Google as an auth provider, you can easily obtain your client id and client secret here.

Example section#

- issuer_url: ""
client_id: ""
client_secret: "sEcRetKeYgOeShErE"